We started casting our own customers and supporters to model when the pandemic wouldn't allow it any other way. Turns out, we loved including our community on our website as models. Featuring you, with the support of your friend or husband as a photographer, is now in the thread of our advertising.

Participate to creatively fight against human trafficking. You'll keep the clothing you model, along with receiving a tag on social media (if you'd like).


Supporter @yanijoy_ models as her husband captures the movement on a simple DSLR camera.


Casting Requirements:  No experience necessary! We welcome you even more if you don't have the fashion industry norms. Our customers love to see body diversity, smiles over stares, and more movement over posing. This comes off with confidence and it represents our brand image best.



  • We'll connect over a few emails to plan. We'll coach you with our vision for photos, the theme for the background, hair and makeup direction, and how to model.
  • The design(s) you'll model will be mailed directly to your home. Since we won't be there with you, we'll need your help to steam or iron them. Try to schedule your photo shoot within 1-2 weeks of receiving the pieces.
  • Meet up with your photographer to click a bunch of photos. Your photographer doesn't have to be professional, but a DSLR camera is needed. Don't edit the photos at all by cropping or adding filters. Send us your favorite 15-25 photos for each outfit. 
  • When the styles launch online, we'll send back edited photos. Join us in promoting the new arrivals with the final photos.



    After you fill out your contact info below, we will reach out when there's an opening for your particular look. Depending on the needs of the season, you may hear from us today, or as far out as months from now.