We are a mission-oriented fashion brand that shoots look books in Lancaster, PA, and New York City. If you're a local, let's do a shoot!  Even if you're not a "real model," apply anyway. We don't select models based on experience, nor do we have a cookie cutter requirement for shape, size, age, and ethnicity. We prefer confidence and joy over the usual standards for fashion models.


Meet Us: Katie and Israel Martinez, the couple behind Elegantees. 

What to Expect: First, we'll connect over a few emails to plan out the shoot date and location. We'll ask your favorite designs, and one will be your thank you gift. On photo shoot day, we'll meet in a public location such as a coffee shop. You're welcome to bring a friend to tag along, though it's not required. We provide a makeshift changing tent for fast wardrobe changes. The shoots normally take less than 2 hours.

After you fill out your contact info below, we will reach out when there's an opening. Depending on the needs of the season, you may hear from us today or months from now.