Purpose :: To fight sex trafficking

Sex trafficking is a form of slavery where humans are forced or blackmailed into working into prostitution. This injustice occurs all over the world, even in America. Poverty, lack of opportunity, and a need for acceptance are common reasons for a woman's vulnerability to believe the false promises of traffickers.

Elegantees was started to help women recover from the bondage of sex trafficking.  Once she's rescued, we offer sewing jobs as an opportunity to keep her far from the possibility of being trafficked again.

Sewing Hearts Back Together

Currently, we are employing women rescued in Nepal and in the United States. Sewing jobs give these precious women a sense of dignity. 

We currently partner with The Nepali Rescue Project and Restore NYC. These organizations are committed to the long-term restoration. The role Elegantees plays in helping to restore lives is through sewing one tee at a time. Freedom is our business mission!

Read the testimony of Anna Malika, an overcomer.

We have a passion and purpose in restoring
rescued women through employing and inspiring.

Our Trip to Nepal

We've sent Elegantees Fashion Director, Wildy Sanchez, to Nepal. The trip's purpose was to teach more advanced sewing skills, connect with the culture and the women, and prepare for growth. Read all about our adventures.