Creative Director, Mens

Israel is a singer and loves helping with Elegantees that it's inspired him to develop a mens line coming soon! His calling is to help those who are in bondage find complete freedom. 

When Israel first found out about the realities of human trafficking, it was during a screening at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. After watching the documentary about these young girls being abducted and then raped by several men each day, he was filled with a righteous anger. All he could think to do was gathering a group of men and capturing the evil people behind this and have them pay for this awful crime. However, Israel knew his calling as a man of God, and that the justice of these men should not be in his own hands. Israel was left with a desire to do something to help.

Israel is in the process of creating a mens line. The brand and design is in works between Israel, Katie and Wildy. The mission is to gather men who want to fight as warriors! Helping to restore and redeem lives.

Fun facts: Israel is Katie's husband, he is also a native of New York City

Connect with Israel via his music website.

 1 Peter 2:9