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We're a team of friends in New York City giving our time and talent for one purpose: To help restore women that have been abused or exploited by violence or sex trafficking. It's a mission too big for ourselves and need support. Below are many opportunities that are currently available. All positions are volunteer-only. We intend to make these paid positions, but are unsure when that will be possible. Strongly recommended for volunteers who can offer just a few hours per week, or for students looking for internships.

For positions that are in New York City, a face-to-face meeting with Katie or Wildy will follow the application. For positions outside of New York, such as social media, sales, or being a blog contributor, email and/or Skype will follow the application.

To apply, email katie at (To help reduce the occurrence of spam, we have replaced the @ symbol with the word “at”. Please replace this with the @ symbol when responding to an ad.)




Design Assistant

Assist Head of Design through research for various collaborations, and proposing ideas for new designs.

CAD Artist 

Convert rough hand designs into CADs for line sheets. Freehand (with cleanup in Photoshop) or Illustrator is recommended.

Fashion Illustrator

Great for an FIT or Parsons student. Sketch existing designs. Preference is for artwork to look commercial and joyful.  Possibilities are endless. We are looking for consistency in creating one sketch per week to be posted on social media and the "fashion design" tab on the website.


Internship available for patternmaking. Great for an FIT or Parsons student, and will work with and learn from Katie Martinez. If full time internship is desired, sample making will be combined.

Sample Maker 

Same details as Patternmaker (listed above), except for samplemaking. Machines are available. but you can use your own if preferred.




Photo Shoot Coordinator

Arrange and schedule details with models, photographers, art director, stylist with dates, times, locations. Receive the vision and goal for each shoot, and make the details possible. Sometimes, decisions will need to be made on own depending on the sense of urgency. 

Modeling Coach

Inspire and teach models to "dance" during photo shoots.


Plan outfits with models directly via email, text, or phone. Approve outfits with Israel or Katie Martinez.


To model in a photo shoot and/or runway show, visit this link.

Fashion Contributor

Envision looks for the styling blog, and come up with 4-7 outfit ideas. Talk or email directly with the model, and borrow bottoms and accessories from their own closets. Communicate the outfit ideas with the photographer, who will help plan the shoot and the sets. Write styling sentences for each look to guide readers how to achieve the look. 



Social Media


Create tweets that consists of images and links to the website.
1. When new arrivals arrive online, upload a photo of the new arrival, a sentence, and the direct link to purchase it online. When uploading the image, you cannot use the .png from the website b/c .pngs do not register with good resolution on Twitter. Go to the shared Dropbox, borrow an image, resize, and upload.
2. When we post a new blog entry, share it on Twitter. Upload also a photo.
3. Retweet tweets that contain a photo that would be great to share with fans.
4. Reply back to all tweets (start with the @ symbol so the reply doesn’t fill in news feeds) that mention us. 
5. If anyone asks questions, answer them. If you do not know the answer, such as an order status question, send that question via pasting it in an email, or sending a screenshot text message to customer service to get a fast reply (To get the fastest response, mention in the subject that it’s a “Question on Twitter”)
6. Follow our accounts on Instagram and Facebook. If anything exciting gets posted, repost.



Public Relations

Press Representative

Send mission-focused releases to television, news, social justice blogs, with a goal to get an interview (with Katie/Wildy) and fashion show on air. Serve as point-person between press and Katie/Wildy.


No training required. Simply hang out with us in action whenever you can for photo shoots, design meetings, fashion shows, etc. to take behind the scenes photos.



Sales and Event Marketing

Booth/ PopUp Store Manager

Look for opportunities for us to have a booth. Discern if it's the right market and worth the rental fee. Discuss and finalize setup details with agent of market.

Event Representative

Reach out to churches and conferences to allow us to host events and sell Elegantees at them.

Trunk Show Host

To learn more about hosting a trunk show, click here.