*Free returns and free size swaps in USA

If you already put on home parties for another product such as jewelry, why not bring Elegantees into it? Our pieces are eye-catching in booths and events, and everyone loves shopping for a cause. They also are fun to share out of your home or church. 


Hosting a Trunk Show is Fun Shopping

  1. It's easier to convince your friends how great Elegantees are when they can see them in person. That's why we give the opportunity to host trunk shows. 

  2. No costs, however hosts normally spend on hospitality such as snack trays.

  3. Your shoppers score 10% off their purchase!

Reward Details:

  • Earn rewards for shopping credit on shows with $200+ in sales.
  • You receive 10% of your sales in rewards. For example, if you have $300 in sales, you get $30 to spend. $500 in sales, you get $50 to spend.


Prepping for Your Trunk Show:

  1. Choose a date and send invites. Use evite, create a Facebook event, or send invites in the mail.
  2. Pay a 50% refundable deposit with a credit or debit card. It will be refunded as soon as the items are returned. We require this because we are sending out merchandise and the deposit helps ensure the items are returned.
  3. We'll setup a 10% off code for your guests to use as they shop in person and those who are shopping from a far online. The code will be valid for one week only. All orders using the code will be redeemed for rewards. 
  4. You'll receive your trunk show kit box 2-7 days before your show. It will include:

    • 8 styles - size medium in 1 color.
    • Signage about Elegantees to put on display.
    • Brochures, which can be kept by guests.
    • A pre-paid return label to send back the items after the event.


The Day of Your Trunk Show:

  1. Display clothing in a place free of smoke, excessive dust, pets, etc. (Required)

  2. Play this video for your guests to get an idea of what Elegantees is all about.

  3. Guests can buy clothing at your show from the trunk show box directly if it's their size/color. Encourage everyone to place their orders online that day with your 10% off code. We have free shipping, returns, and exchanges, so that should help those questioning if a certain style or color will work for them.


After Your Trunk Show:

  1. We'll ship the orders and provide tracking info to the email address each of your guests provided.

  2. Use the same box you received the items in to pack up the items and send back to us. Tape the pre-paid label on top of the original label and drop it off at your local post office.
  3. Once we receive the box and verify the items are accounted for and in sellable condition, we will immediately issue a refund for your security deposit.

  4. We distribute the rewards to you for shopping credit. 

Connect with us to Get Started:

Canada and International shows: Due to higher shipping and customs costs, we currently do not send out samples kits for shows outside of the continental United States.