If you already put on home parties for another product such as jewelry, why not bring elegantees into it? Our pieces are eye-catching in booths and events, and everyone loves shopping for a cause. They also are fun to share out of your home or church. 


Benefits to Hosting a Trunk Show

  1. Share the mission in a fun shopping setting. Everyone who shops at your show gets free shipping (for shows in USA).

  2. No costs, however most hosts spend on hospitality such as snacks.

  3. Earn rewards at trunk shows for shopping credit. Alternately, you can raise money for a charity or fundraise for missions trips, adoptions and campaigns.

Reward Levels:

  • $250+ in sales = 15% donation or shopping credit
  • $500+ in sales = 20% donation or shopping credit
  • $1000+ in sales = 25% donation or shopping credit


Prepping for Your Trunk Show:

  1. Choose a date and send invites. Use evite, create a Facebook event, or send invites in the mail.
  2. Put down your security deposit of $375 anytime before we send the trunk show kit. This deposit is immediately refunded once we receive the kit back. It will be refunded the same way it was paid for: credit/debit card, or PayPal.

  3. We can setup a 5% off code for guests who cannot physically attend, but would like to shop online. The code will be valid for one week only. All orders using the code will be redeemed for credit. 
  4. You'll receive your trunk show kit box 2-7 days before your show. It will include:

    • Samples in a handful of sizes and colors.
    • Signage about Elegantees to put on display.
    • Brochures, which can be kept by guests.


The Day of Your Trunk Show:

  1. Display clothing in a place free of smoke, excessive dust, pets, etc. (Required)

  2. Play this video for your guests to get an idea of what Elegantees is all about.

  3. Clothing may be tried on. Guests can buy clothing at your show from the trunk show box directly if it's their size/color. Keep a list of what everyone would like to buy.

  4. At the end of the show, place the total order for items that will be delivered to you to be hand delivered to your guests by you. The bulk order ensures free shipping (or significantly less shipping for Canada and international). We suggest your shoppers pay you before or at the time when you give them their order.


After Your Trunk Show:

  1. We'll ship the orders and provide tracking info.

  2. You'll receive a prepaid FedEx return label to send the trunk show kit and samples back to us. Simply print the label, and take the box to any FedEx location.
  3. Once we receive the box and verify the items, we will immediately issue a refund for your security deposit.

  4. We distribute the rewards. 

Connect with us to Get Started:

Canada and International shows: Due to higher shipping costs, hosts purchase clothing at a discount instead of receiving a box of samples with a deposit. Styles and sizes are handpicked by the host since the samples will be purchased.