Operations and Staffing

Who currently is on the team?
We have a team of a director/production coordinator, designers, merchandiser, pattern maker, events coordinator, trunk show coordinator, warehouse manager, public relations intern, arts advertiser, and models.

How much is the staff paid?
Currently Elegantees operates with a completely volunteer staff. When we will add paid staff positions, these will be reasonable amounts.

How much are the sewers paid?
Since our prices are extremely reasonable, many wonder about wages. In the United States, we use an assembly-line system to allow efficiency while paying a fair wage. Across the world, we currently employ between 6-10 sewers part time. The number of sewers depends on how much money we have available to hire. Our goal is to hire hundreds.
The US-based sewers who work part time and live in the safe house though Restore NYC are paid per piece at a rate higher than most factory workers in New York City. Based on time-study observations during supervised visits, the newest and least experienced sewers average $9 per hour, and our fastest sewer makes around $13 consistently.
Everything produced in Nepal is contracted through The Nepali Rescue Project, a 501(c)3 and NGO in Nepal. Each sewer is paid a minimum of 10,400 rupees per month. The minimum wage in Nepal is 6,400 rupees per month.

How can Elegantees offer low prices?We desire to be priced comparably to brands that are just as fashion savvy. Because of our mission and operations, the profit per unit is much smaller than most brands, but we believe it’s worth it.

Financial Intent 

What are Elegantees’ intentions with dividends?
Profits are any monies made above the complete cost of operations. Dividends are profits that are not reinvested into the company, but rather given out to investors and share holders. We are privately owned, and will give out 100% of dividends back in to employing, equipping, and empowering women who have been rescued out of slavery. As we continue to grow, we will give dividends also for rescuing.

Is Elegantees registered as a 501(c)3 (a Not for Profit), or a For Profit?
We are a for-profit Limited Liability Company because we do not operate based on donations, but on sales. Elegantees is strategically designed to employ, equip and empower women who have been rescued from modern-day slavery. Unlike most for profit companies that give out dividends to investors, our dividends are turned and invested back into helping women recover from slavery.