The "elegant tee" is more than just your everyday tee shirt. It's as comfortable and washable as one, but more elegant and stylish. We concentrate on the newest trends, elegant classics, all with modesty highly considered.


It all started when founder Katie Martinez realized how difficult shopping became. She searched for tops that are pretty, comfortable, and can be thrown on without special bras or layering pieces. Then, Katie put her fashion design skills to work to create a style possibility. Elegantees would be as effortless as the everyday jeans and tee-shirt routine, but will make women look and feel elegant!

Katie says, "There are two extremes we see today in the way women dress. The most common is to avoid fashion altogether and wearing that same tee and jeans. The other extreme is where there is so much emphasis on fashion it becomes an identity. Elegantees is for the woman who seeks to find a balance without compromising her beliefs, budget, or time."

In September 2010, the first 15 designs were released online. It happened through Katie's savings of about $10,000 and her local NYC connections. In the beginning, Katie found support from locals in her hometown of Dubuque, Iowa, where she did many fashion shows to make "elegantees" a household name in the area. While the team is now centralized in New York, Katie hasn't forgotten the support she got from back home. They are always a reminder to her to stay true to the designs they fell in love with - which are simply elegant tees.

Fashion designer Wildy Sanchez has the fashion lead today. Katie and Wildy both have years of experience working in the garment district, and are now utilizing their efforts to be used for something bigger than themselves.