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Desiring for your community to be more aware about human trafficking? Set up a booth, speak about it to groups, or go out with a bang and put on a fashion show! Being an awareness ambassador is about sharing with your community the need for rescue and support.


Bringing Awareness

  • Churches and schools are places that usually encourage the fight against sex trafficking. If you’re a part of either, you can become an abolitionist.
  • Setup a table with brochures, samples, facts about Elegantees, our partner organization The Nepali Rescue Project, and any other organizations you're passionate about. Certain products such as our basic tops and scarves can be available for sale, but the intention is more for awareness than selling.
  • Speak in front of a women’s group or conference about the mission of Elegantees.

Put on an Event

  • Hosting a event in your city is perfect for the Ambassador who loves to coordinate details and gather the community for a fun occasion. Host in a public space, invite the local press, and send out a ton of invites. 
  • The purpose of the event is to bring awareness and create a way to support the cause. To do so, you can host a movie screening, play videos, talk about the mission and what these clothes mean. Women will want to buy immediately after, so we'll help to have a great selection of items available right away.
  • The fashion show can be put on for free with the right resources. An admission could also be charged if you’d like to raise funds for a special cause.

An Overview of Hosting a Fashion Show: 

How many styles/outfits to show: Showing 15 outfits, more or less, for a fashion show is a perfect number. Big productions like runway shows during fashion week in NYC for major designers have over 60 outfits, but for us, focusing more on the mission, 15 will still have an impact that will inspire the attendees. Outfits could also double up in different colors if a bigger production is desired.

How to choose models: There isn't a need to hire professional models, unless that is your vision. We've found that attendees truly enjoy seeing women that are just like them in a range of sizes, heights and ages. It's even better if it's women that are in your community because it's fun to see friends on the stage. Choose models with a positive attitude as that always creates a successful event.

Prep work for the styling: Generally a meeting before the show, or a few hours before the show, is recommended for models. Models can bring their own jeans and heels, and they can wear the shirt or dress they'll model once they arrive. They can also come with hair and makeup ready unless you have someone you'd like to do that for you. For jewelry, you can ask a local jewelry designer of jewelry rep to provide, or the models could bring their own and make it their own style. 

Selling after the fashion show: At every fashion show, it's guaranteed that women will want to buy something right there! Setting up a little "pop-up" boutique isn't as overwhelming as it may seem. All you need is a rolling rack or two and some hangers. We will either bring the merchandise with us, or send it to you. A table is helpful to add totals and accept payments, and then you can give them our pamphlets so they can shop online and connect some more with Elegantees.


Let's do this together!

Hi, I'm Jessica! I serve at Elegantees as the Awareness and Events Coach. Upon discovering in 2014 that a move to NYC was in my near future, a desire to find where I could serve began to grow. I got a recommendation from Eric Watt (Founder of the Nepali Rescue Project) to look into Elegantees…and well here I am! I am excited about seeing the church passionately pursue and support freedom and hope for those who have been trafficked. Elegantees has perfect platform for that to take place.

I'm here to brainstorm, support, and help you plan how to bring more awareness along the way. The first step is in taking a step of faith and submitting the form below. I can't wait to connect some more!!