We've Made it our Mission to Fight, Protect, and Restore women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal. Join us!

We are making a difference, but we need a bigger team to meet our goal to employ 500 women in Nepal. You can join as an ambassador. It requires passion and style creativity. 

Ambassador Responsibilities:

Share 10% Off!: We'll set you up with a unique code that will generate 10% off. Share this code with everyone. 

Represent Elegantees: Hand out business cards and use social media to tell others. Post photos of you wearing Elegantees on Instagram and Facebook, share links of your favorite new arrivals, and repost photos from our sewing center. Promote your 10% off code with your posts to encourage your friends and followers to purchase.

Host a Trunk Show: We encourage each ambassador to host a trunk show at least once a year. Whenever you introduce your friends to the brand and mission in a personal setting, they may become long term supporters too. It can be as simple as setting up a booth, having a party at your home, or going all out and putting on a fashion show for your community.

Purchase 2+ items per year: Ambassadors receive a 25% off pre-order discount to purchase their favorite piece from each of our 10 annual collections. A preview is emailed 2 weeks prior to the collection release date to give enough time to select a favorite design, order it, receive it in the mail, and join us to promote it when it is released.


Frequent Questions

Can I represent another brand as well?

We encourage it, especially if it's a brand with purpose! Collaborating together helps create more opportunities for exposure. 

Are there costs?

Personal purchases of elegantees.

Is there training?

We would love to offer something more personalized, but at the time our volunteer-based team cannot commit to it. We have as much info as possible posted on our site to . If a question comes up, don't feel like you're bothering us to ask a question or two ;-)

If you've got a question or just want to say hello, please feel free to fill out the form below. Submit it today especially if you'd like to sign up!


Join the Fight: 

If you're a clothing or gift shop store owner, let's talk wholesale.