We've Made it our Mission to Fight, Protect, and Restore women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal. Join us!

We are making a difference, but we need a bigger team to meet our goal to employ 500 women in Nepal. You can join as an ambassador. It doesn't cost anything; requires only passion. 

Ambassador Responsibilities:

Represent Elegantees: Hand out business cards and use social media to tell others. Post photos of you wearing Elegantees, share links of your favorite new arrivals, and repost photos from our sewing center.

Host a Trunk Show or Fashion Show: We encourage each ambassador to host a trunk show or awareness event at least once a year. Whenever you introduce your friends to the brand and mission in a personal setting, they may become long term supporters too. It can be as simple as setting up a booth, having a party at your home, or going all out and putting on a fashion show for your community.


Frequent Questions

Can I represent another brand as well?

We encourage it, especially if it's a brand with purpose! Bringing it together helps create more options for promoting, and an opportunity to help other vulnerable groups other than our sewing center in Nepal. In the name of fashion, it sure makes it more stylish for our outfits to be complimented with other brands' jewelry, bags, shoes, hair accessories, etc. If you're not representing another brand presently, perhaps you could find another brand's ambassador in your community and collaborate together. 

Are there costs?

Only personal online shopping.

Is there training?

We will be here every step of the way to help brainstorm together, guide, and encourage. One of the first steps is in providing online training in which we provide links and videos to learn more (You may have a head start and looked over most of them already). The goal in training is for you to be able to represent in the best way possible to tell the story and answer questions from those you meet.

If you've got a question or just want to say hello, please feel free to fill out the form below. Submit it today especially if you'd like to sign up!


Join the Fight: 

If you're a Blogger or a Store Owner, we'd love to talk about a more customized partnership.