We choose to work in Nepal


It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Working in an underdeveloped country like Nepal is something business consultants would not advise. But we're not in business for the highest profits possible. We're here to have the greatest impact on people.

Nepal ranks high for human trafficking. 

When our founder met a nonprofit that rescues thousands of victims each year, little did they know that this would come together. Nepal is an impoverished nation with a local perception that a girl child is worth less than a boy child, so young women disappear far too often. The trafficking of girls from Nepal into India for forced prostitution is perhaps one of the busiest slave trafficking routes anywhere in the world, with estimated 5,000-10,000 Nepali women and girls trafficked to India each year. Sometimes, victims travel farther than India, and end up in the Middle East. 


Job creation helps survivors live as life was intended.

Employment has an impact on the respect of women, especially for survivors who are outcasts in society. A well-paying job brings hope of a life free of violence, poverty, and vulnerability to harm.  Elegantees' mission is to pay a living wage to as many women our sales allow us to provide for.


Our nonprofit partner:
Our Daughters International is the nonprofit partner of Elegantees. This 501(c)3 organization identities, rescues, provides counseling, safehomes, job skill training, and social work related ministry to help victims and those at risk for human trafficking a life free of trafficking.  Elegantees is an employment partner and hires women referred to us from Our Daughters. We work together as friends and supporters, but the organizations are completely separate.