The Goal to Hire Sita

In Nepal, Sita and her mother have sacrificed a lot to care for each other. Sita's vulnerability to help her mother-in-need almost led her into the hands of traffickers. 


Sita's Story

I grew up in eastern Nepal and watched my mother's hardships. Before I was born, my mother was forced to get married with her aunt’s husband. There was a large age gap, so my father passed away when I was little. My mother faced lots of trouble to raise us. She worked as a housekeeper, but hardly managed to buy food for us. We relied on second hand clothing, and were just living day to day since it was impossible to go to school. 

As the eldest daughter of my mother, I could understand all the suffering she has faced. So I decided to go to India for a job with my relatives. My mother wasn’t happy in my decision, but I wanted to wipe away her tears.  While crossing the border, I was informed  from Our Daughters (our nonprofit partner) of the risk of human trafficking in India. They suggested to me instead to join them in a safe home’s skill development training. I could then earn money safely in own country. Our Daughters saved me from the risk of becoming sold to labor or sex traffickers, and they helped me to be an independent woman. 



Sita is on our waiting list.

Sita has since lived in a safe home, and getting good food and clothing. She's completed job skill training. We'd like to advance Sita's sewing skills, and invite her to work in our sewing center with an income that can support her family too. There are hundreds of women in Nepal like Sita desiring to work. We hire each new seamstresses, one at a time. Thank you for supporting this story of hope for Sita, and many more women to come!


(Seamstress shown in photo is not Sita)