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Back in 2011, Kwina* was learning sewing skills through our nonprofit partners in Nepal. Despite a traumatic past, she was hopeful that life could be good again. Instead, Kwina was living in a safe house because her family didn't accept her back. They believed that bad karma would transfer on them because of what happened to Kwina. She tried again, and again, and again, but her family's hearts were hardened.

As Elegantees started our business partnership with Our Daughters, she became one of our first seamstresses. Kwina was now making an income and became independent. Earning more money than she needed, she sent money also to her family. In Nepali culture, it's a rare occurrence for a woman to earn and provide. Her family was so shocked in a good way that they not only accepted their daughter back as their own, they also rejected the idea of bad karma and now believe in grace! 

Today you'll see Kwina still making your elegantees. She and her family are better than they ever were. That is grace, and it's radical.

*Name has been changed to Kwina for protection. Photo is not the same seamstress.


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April 06, 2019 by Katie Martinez