Dipa's Misery Turns to Hope


I am Dipa. I am from a district in Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. I belong to very deprived family. My mother worked a job as she nurtured us.  My father was a taxi driver. One day, while he was driving, he accidentally killed a man on the road.  Then, my father went to prison. That was a very difficult season for my mother to helplessly raise us. My mother remarried, but my step father was lost in the earthquake.

As time passed, another man came in my mother’s life who was five years younger. He worked with my mother and he influenced her. He said that he was single and moved into our home for four months, living with us. One day, he proposed to me that I marry to him. I was shocked and I refused his proposal, but he gave a threat to me. He forcefully put me into the taxi and took me into the hotel. He sexually abused me. Next day, he took me into a house and I was lost. My mother searched everywhere for me, but could not find me.

My mother reached out to Our Daughters (the non-profit partner to Elegantees).  They coordinated with police, and I was rescued from the miserable condition. With the support of Our Daughters, I registered the rape case against him at district court. Now, he is in police custody. My mother is a single women so I want to support her future. I saw much misery of life that my mother faced with loneliness. My heart is broken. Now, my eyes are opened and I am in a safe home for learning skills development. I am 15 years old, and am very happy to stay in Our Daughters safe home. I am preparing myself for better future.