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Katie here, founder of Elegantees. I'm working with Jessica Rey (left) in New York City, as we talk about fashion design and business.

Here's the gorgeous Postiano top we're both wearing:

Rewind to last year: Jessica's assistant at Rey Swimwear reached out to me to brainstorm ways to partner. I had already knew of her, and my admiration level was high, so I had a fan girl moment. Jessica is a swimwear designer and a woman worth looking up to. Five years ago, she presented a talk about modesty that went viral, and it's stuck with me since.

As a designer as well, I'm in alignment with her when she says “modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves, it’s about revealing our dignity.”

Jessica Rey and I spoke on the phone for an hour. Then over the next year, we exchanged countless texts and laughs. Some of interactions pertained to the collection itself, but mostly the little things that a fellow entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom would understand. We call ourselves 'mompreneurs' because we both are running our own fashion business and a household at the same time. 

The Rome dress. Yes, the entire collection is named for cities in Italy. Jessica and I have a slight obsession with Italy, but doesn't everyone!?

Jessica desired to design clothing in addition to her flattering suits, and has a yearning to help restore women from sex trafficking. We got to work right away. Back in January, Jessica flew into New York for the photo shoot we planned in the Brooklyn studio we always rent. But the samples didn't make it in time. The one sample we had wasn't the right size for the models. However, Jessica was so easy-going about it. It was refreshing to see that in this industry because I used to get called into an office and yelled at when samples didn't make it in time (Back when I had day jobs in the Garment Center in Manhattan). While presenting this collection took longer than originally planned, it's here just in time for summer. 

The Bellagio is the striped classic 3/4 sleeve tee. Very cute tucked into a swing skirt.

Jessica brought her Downtown LA style into every detail as she directed the look book shoot in California. During the shoot, a sweet kitty jumped into the model's lap while she wore The Verona maxi dress


Jessica knew that for a summer collection, the pop of color would be a must. Here's the newest color we have in from our recent organic cotton delivery. The Sorrento tank with the Siena skirt in True Red. 


The Venice dress in Black/White Stripe

Jessica designed the pieces, and I curated the production in Nepal. The designs are meant for you to look and feel like the beautiful woman you were made to be. We are all worthy of dignity. 

There's more to this collection, so check out the rest of Jessica Rey for Elegantees, and share your favorite piece on social media. We'd love to see it get all the love and exposure it deserves. 

I am thankful for this design collaboration for many reasons. The design perspective is fresh and it's providing work for our seamstresses in Nepal. Mostly grateful for a new friendship with Jessica. We're wanting to travel to Italy for another collaboration. Stay tuned, there may be something up our sleeves (pun intended!).

May 15, 2018 by Katie Martinez