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Our Fall collection is inspired by the new organic cotton colors. They are bold and natural. The names of the colors come from nature: Blackberry, Etruscan Red, Vineyard Green, Burnt Olive, and Blue Night. We were also inspired by the playfulness of International cities, and attributed Milano Blue and Bossa Nova.  Our new shade of grey is called Pavement, and it is reminiscent of of the streets of New York City. These colors are all around us: The colors of the wind.



The Jolie top in Milano blue.


The Kate dress. It's the shortest dress in our collection, so it'll look adorable with leggings and boots! 


The Lillian tank was an accident. It was supposed to be a dress with long sleeves and is longer in length. But our printer that prints patterns wasn't printing to scale! Instead of a flowy dress, the fabric was cut too short, and the sleeves were impossibly tight. The dresses were saved when we removed the sleeves and hemmed the armhole. 

It's an adorable tunic now: The Lillian tank in Atlantic Deep.


Cardigans have been a staple for fall since we made the first one three years ago. In fact, it was our top selling item the year it introduced. We've stocked several new color options (shop them all).


Inspired by the beloved Molly tunic from two years ago, we're introducing the Bethany dress in three colors: Black (above), Pavement (below), and Etruscan Red (here). We changed the neck opening to be elastic all around (in case you're a nursing mama), and the best change is ADDING POCKETS!


The Victoria dress looks like the perfect wrap dress, but it's an illusion! While the sashes do wrap around your waist and tie wherever you desire, the dress isn't a true wrap. A true wrap dress has a hole on one side for the sash to be pulled through, and if you were to untie it, you'd show the front side of all your underwear. We love the Victoria because we designed it hassle-free. There is no hole at the side of your waist. It is one layer thick, not two, so it feels lighter. It's a lot easier to fold or hang after laundering. You'll have to try it for yourself to see how amazing it is!

The Victoria dress is so lovely that we're showing off another photo. When the wind blows, you'll be as colorful as the superhero dress you're wearing. 


The Christen stripe tees are forever strong.

The Raelynn tee in Bossa Nova. The raw edge details will make people think you bought it at a high end boutique.

More raw edge details in the Carrie tunic.

We introduced this bell sleeve last year, and it was your favorite detail in the Organica collection. They are not going away because they capture femininity in a lovely way.

Channeling the inner Pocahontas "colors of the wind" vibes here! 


The Selena tunic in Pavement. Clean and cozy with pretty little details. Many of our retailers stocked this, so we don't have too many available on our site. 


The beautiful Etruscan Red tunic we're calling Diana. She is perfect for nursing because the front is doubled and drapes loosely. There are no annoying closures, and it can be a blanket for modesty.

Blackberry is a beautiful shade of purple that pops with everything in nature.

The color Blue Night is a neutral like Navy, but a more cheerful shade of blue.

The popular Kilee tunic has made a comeback. Literally it's back with a color-blocked back in a darker hue of the tunic. 

Our Fall collection was made with a lot of love. We started designing it over a year ago and it's created work in Nepal where overcomers of human trafficking have made each of these. Each design creates color in their lives, and now in yours. Which color(s) of the wind will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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September 18, 2018 by Katie Martinez