That's me, Katie Martinez. I'm the author of this blog, and the founder of Elegantees.

Let's rewind a decade back, so I can tell you my story. I'm 16 years old, in high school, and let's just say...attention hungry! I was dressing immodestly to show off my legs with short shorts, and my body with tight clothing. I used to get a thrill out of it when I lifted up my arm and people could see my torso because people would tell me I had a nice body. I liked the attention a lot because I felt a bit of an outcast up until that point. I didn't know though I was feeding the hormones of so many boys, and before I knew it so many of them stopped treating me like a person, and more like an object. 

I got tired of that, and took an extreme. I transformed completely into a fashion designer who clearly wasn't good at styling anymore. I wore super baggy clothes from my collar bone to ankles even in the summer, and stopped wearing makeup. I even chopped my hair off because I thought long hair was too feminine. I told myself I didn't want to get attention anymore for being pretty, but that was a cover up for my lack of self esteem. I didn't know how to stand up for myself if someone were to try to make a move. Even though I was extremely confident in my passion for design and business, I had little self worth in respect to my body and heart.

I focused on my fashion design and new-found love for reading the Bible. Through it, I started to love modesty and the ideas of purity. I was finding ways to be creative with fashion, but be also be modest. I also wanted to learn how to be better at making clothes, so I moved to New York City to go to school for fashion design. In NYC, the desperation to fit in came back up again, and I felt like living a noble pure life wasn't possible in order to succeed in the fashion industry. So, I allowed my emotions make all my decisions, and that almost ruined me. 

After being deceived by my emotions, I didn't want anything to come up and ruin me again. I took freedom very seriously and fought for it! I got myself back through rejecting lies from youth that told me I'm not worthy of love, and I'm not valuable enough to have a real friend. When I lived by the truth of who I really am I started to love myself in a healthy and glorious way! 

I felt free! The more free I was, the more beautiful fashions were coming forth. Since then, modesty has been the root of fashion design for me because we're worth it!!!!!! Now that I have Elegantees, I do my absolute best to consider this in everything. It's about getting realer than just staying covered up, but it's an issue of the heart revealed through joy and confidence in the way you stand and present yourself. My husband and I try to bring this beauty out of our models whenever we do photo shoots.

Purity is just as cherished in my heart as modesty is. For a while I had felt that a great man who would just love me was a fantasy, but even that has been redeemed. Today, I'm the bride of Israel Martinez, who is a magnificent man I admire and respect with all my heart. He showed me everyday while we were dating how much I am worth, and in our marriage today he sacrifices and loves me so much he would lay down his life for me if he had to. Ladies, we are worthy of a man like my husband! 

I have experienced and believe in the blessings of purity and the grace in restoration. I design because there isn't much out there that for pure ladies that want to be trendy. My mission as a fashion designer is to inspire women, provide modest and trendy Elegantees, and to restore purity.

All photos in this post are from our wedding day. Hope you enjoyed them :)

Love and peace to you always and forever,


December 26, 2012 by Katie Martinez