I'm thankful for the good moments come when our amazing volunteers come together and are inspired with ideas. These women believe in Elegantees so much that they continue to offer their time and gifts for growth (yep, they work for free!). They each have specific roles they are embracing. For me, as the Founder of Elegantees, I'll be less involved in certain areas, in order to focus on leadership and making more of our sketches a reality! Next year, we plan to make lots more designs such as skirts, cardigans, clutches, and more dresses. 

I'm also thankful for the scary moments. Since I started basking in the joy of becoming a mommy last December, I hadn't been giving Elegantees as much attention as I could have. I hadn't delegated the tasks that needed the most attention until a recent scary moment. The sewing center in Nepal informed us they are struggling and considering closing the doors. It was scary to think that for a moment, that could be the end of a dream. It was a good thing in disguise because it's unified us as a team and we're setting goals, and more importantly making tangible plans to achieve the goals. I had no choice but to let go of details in order to revamp the big picture. Some of our team picked up those details, and I'll continue focusing on the big picture. Everything is looking optimistic now, and we're very focused on and excited with the goal to fight, protect, restore.

I'm thankful for you, your support, and finding the mission to restore women something to work toward everyday. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. 

November 28, 2014 by Katie Martinez